Let’s fly away…..

Are you dreaming of running away and getting married to your soul mate on a beautiful tropical coast? With the warm Pacific Ocean lapping at your bare feet and kissing your wedding dress? Then read on - Costa Rica might just be your perfect destination - and Hotel Basque just might be your dream venue!

How to Get There…

There are two international airports in Costa Rica - you’ll want to make sure you book your flights in and out of Guanacaste Airport in Liberia. Once you’ve landed, you will need to go through customs and security. All of this took minutes and everyone was extremely friendly. I do recommend getting cash from the airport bank, preferably smaller bills, as the ATMs in the country often run out of cash. From here, you can contact the hotel and they can arrange for a car to pick you for a nominal fee. Keep in mind, Ubers and Lyft are not allowed to enter the airport so if you are counting on one of these car services, don’t.

You’ll then drive through some of the most interesting country you’ve ever seen. Ranging from jungle forest to beautiful beaches - dilapidated houses to expansive mansions. Small winding roads where speed limits are merely recommendations and vespas swerve in and out of traffic. Looking through the trees, you just might spot a monkey or sloth. This country is full of diverse landscape and beautiful people. All of which you’ll see on your way to the hotel.

Okay, but let’s talk about the hotel!

Upon walking in, you are greeted by the nicest staff and a delicious, frozen drink made with local grown fresh fruit. To the left there is a beautiful path that leads directly to a black sand beach, with plants and trees intertwining themselves in the walls and walkways. The sun sets beautifully behind a giant tree and sets the stage for a romantic golden hour ceremony. Boasting two open dining rooms, one upstairs and one down, there is plenty of room for a formal dinner as well as a party afterward! And the VIEWS! Each dining area offers stunning views of Playa Hermosa, the local beach. Scattered across this beach are the cutest hermit crabs, although they mostly come out after sundown, while the trees are homes to wild Iguanas. Although a friendly warning, don’t try to touch either of them!

With four suite options, you and your guest can’t go wrong!

First option, the Junior Suites. This beautiful room sits within the trees and offers two queen size beds, air conditioning (trust me, you’re gonna need it!), mini fridge, and a balcony overlooking the pool. Option two is the Garden View Suites. These suites also offer two queen size beds, air conditioning, a mini fridge, and balcony. What this has that the Junior Suite doesn’t have is an extra living space with a plasma TV. If you have friends or family with kids coming, this would be the room for them! And of course, you can’t forget the Ocean View Suites. In my opinion, these are the best rooms. With the incredible views, a balcony, a king sized bed, and a jacuzzi tub on the balcony - you can’t go wrong! Tucked away in the corners, you enter through the jungle and exit into the ocean. It’s the best of both worlds!

But of course, you can’t leave out the Penthouse! Located on the third floor, this penthouse includes four separate suites and is referred to as Nanku. Nanku is an indigenous word meaning home, because that’s what this hotel strives for. They want you to feel like you are staying in your own little beach house. The Penthouse is available to rent out as an entire floor or as individual suites. This penthouse includes two terraces, a full kitchen, sitting room, 1 king sized bed, and three queens. All in all, you can fit up to 12 people! Perfect size for a romantic elopement.

So whether you are planning a larger ceremony, or a quite elopement, this hotel will be able to accommodate all of your needs!