1. Make a budget

I know, it seems simple, but it is the most commonly overlooked thing when planning a wedding. Know how much you have, or want, to spend. List your top ten must haves at your wedding and know the cost of each of these things. Then you’ll have an idea of how much will be left for less important things.

2. Plan on last minute expenses

If you plan for it, it wont be so surprising when it happens. Cause guess what, it’s gonna happen! Allow 5% to 10% of your budget to be for the unexpected expenses. Then, if you end up not needing it for a surprise - hello honeymoon fund!

3.Check your credit

Speaking of the honeymoon, let’s chat credit cards. No matter what, your wedding is going to cost money. Why not benefit from the dough you’re shelling out? Look up credit cards with great perks or cash back and use that to fund the honeymoon. Be sure to only use the credit card for wedding purchases and use your budget to pay it off.

4.Cut your guest list

Guests cost, on average, $100 per plate. By cutting the plus ones down to just spouses, you can save a ton!

5.Use disposable plates + cutlery

You don’t have to use it for everything, but subbing the appetizer and dessert plates with something like the bamboo plates from Verterra could save a ton. Plus you can feel good knowing you are using compostable plates!

6.Stick to beer + Wine

Serve a mix of reds, whites, IPAs, and Ales and you can’t go wrong. Everyone will have something that they like! Or opt for a keg trailer with your favorite cider and beer for a fun and unique experience. One thing to research is with some self serve alcohol units, you are required to get a liquor license. Check with your venue before booking.

7.Consider different days of the week

Saturdays are definitely the most popular day when it comes to weddings - but who says you can’t have an amazing celebration on any other day of the week? Most venues will discount prices, saving upwards of hundreds of dollars, just for booking on less popular days. Booking on Friday afternoon still gives your guests a weekend to cure their hangovers!

8.Choose a unique venue

Weddings aren’t just for churchs and vineyards anymore (although those venues are still stunning!) Most local parks, museums, libraries, and local pubs will help sport you nuptials for a fraction of the price. Your wedding should represent you and your spouse, why not have some fun with it!

9.Add greenery to the bouquets

Quick, easy, and cheap way to add some color and variety to any bouquet! Greenery adds an element of depth to any bouquet color and cuts the price almost in half!

bonus tip:

Pick flowers that are in season. Florists will have easier access to them which means less stress on your wallet.

10.Attend Bridal Trunk shows

You’ll be amazed at the beautiful dresses you can find at local trunk shows. Ask your local bridal shops if they offer them and then plan a whole day of it! The same great dresses at a fraction of the price.

If you are local to the PNW, Brides for a Cause is an amazing boutique in Portland, Or. offering gorgeous dresses and all of the proceeds go to women-focused charities.