A step by step to get from “yes,” to “I do!”

10 to 12 months from “I do”

Say Yes!

Whether it is a complete surprise, or something you saw coming a mile away - today is the day your love proposes! This is the easiest step - just say yes!

Secure date + venue

Decide when and where you want to get married. Even if you are deciding to elope, now is the time to choose your date and venue. Make sure to contact the venue for availability.

Hire a wedding planner

While this might not be a good fit for everyone, you should at least consider it. Wedding planners help make the entire day run smoothly and takes things off of your plate.

Reach out to your other favorite vendors

Vendors book up FAST! So if there is a DJ, florist, photographer, or other vendor you LOVE, then start the conversation early.

8 to 10 months from “I do”

Choose your wedding attire

Now is the time to do some shopping! Choose the look you want for yourself and your love now. This way you have time for alterations later.

Send save-the-dates

People get busy. If you are planning on inviting them to your wedding, send out save-the-dates as soon as possible. This gives them ample time to make arrangements. Most people have a job they need to request time off from if they’re traveling.

Finish wedding registry

Again, people get busy. Some people will receive your save-the-dates and immediately go to your registry and buy your gift. They don’t wanna forget! Get that thing done sooner rather than later.

6 to 8 months from “I do”

Choose wedding party attire

Now’s the time to get your besties ready for your big day! Everything from their nose to their toes should be picked out. This gives them time to get alterations if needed as well.

Order wedding cake

One of the funnest parts of wedding planning is getting to try different menus! Cakes can book out fast so be sure to order yours early.

Send formal invitations

Those beautiful invites you’ve been working on should be ready to go now. Formal invites should include how many people are coming and their food choice. This helps prep your seating and menus.

Order wedding favors + gifts

Wanna shower your besties and guests with love? Order the gifts and favors now so you have time to organize them. This is especially important if you are customizing anything,

4 to 6 months from “I do”

Dress alterations

Ask your chosen seamstress how long alterations will take, most will say 6-8 weeks. I suggest getting things in order now, especially if it’s during busy season, so you aren’t stressing at the end if your dress will be done or not.

Hair + makeup trials

It’s so fun getting your hair and makeup done - so make a day of it! Doing your trials this far out will give you peace of mind going into it. Trusting your HMUA is huge!

Finalize food + drink menu

You’ve gotten invites back so you should know how much beef vs. vegan options you should be ordering. Finalize it now, but remember to leave a little room for people to change their minds.

Apply for marriage license

Trust me, it’s easier than it sounds. Most counties you can apply online. Some do require you to go to the court house. All of them take a couple of days to finalize so don’t wait until the last minute to do this.

2 week to 2 months from “I do”

Finalize guest list + seating chart

Everyone should have their RSVPs in by now. Seating chart should be close to finished. I always like to add a couple empty chairs for the “just-in-case” guest that forgets to RSVP. It’s also extremely kind to remember your vendors. They will be up running around all day, so remember to feed them and give them a place at a table to sit and eat.

Finalize payments to vendors

Most vendors ask or final payments the week before the wedding. We like to send out reminders because you are super busy but if you want to get them done early - by all means, do it! Paying your vendors early makes it less stressful and less awkward the day of the wedding. No one likes talking about money after saying “I do.”


Congrats! You’ve made it to your big day! Enjoy all the hard work you have put into planning it!