Guess what? You don’t have to be engaged to do a couples photoshoot!

Shocking, I know, but it’s true! There is so much stigma on needing a special event to hire a photographer - but doesn’t just being ALIVE count? I think it should! Capturing these every day moments with your love is just as important as capturing those life changing ones. Keep reading for some great activities to do for your next shoot!

Carnival Photoshoot

Who doesn’t love a good carnival?! Grab some cotton candy, take a ride, run through the lights. There are so many options! Get yourself a photographer that will even get on the rides with you to capture your honest reactions! Be sure to wear something comfortable!

Cozy Picnic

Grab your favorite blanket, a cute charcuterie board, and hit the road! The awesome thing about a picnic is that it can literally take place anywhere. Your backyard, driveway, up in the mountains… the locations are endless!

In Home Session

Don’t feel like going anywhere? No problem! Host your photographer in the space you feel the most comfortable - your home! Choose this time to bake together, cozy up next to a fire, or just lounge around. Photos don’t have to be fancy. Sometimes simple is best!

Destination Photoshoot

Planning an EPIC camping trip? Maybe going out of the country, or state, and want to document it? Don’t just bring a disposable and hope for the best, HIRE the best! Find someone local to your destination and have them capture you and your love in the elements. You wont regret the high quality photos!

Get Creative

Have you been scrolling Pinterest and find yourself getting really excited about certain shoots or aspects of a shoot? Just book one! Call around to your local photographers and express your vision. See who is comfortable with it and who can get you the best shot! Because why not?

At the end of the day, there are no rules.

We are living in such a fast paced world that we forget to slow down a lot of the time. Photos are a way for us to freeze time and why not freeze it in the every day little moments too? Don’t get me wrong - hire a photographer for the big events - but those little moments mean something too. Those people around you RIGHT NOW mean something. So I say,

Plan the trip,

Take the shot,

hire the photographer :)