Where do you even start?

Is liability insurance something you’ve even thought about? Cause you should! As photographers, we put ourselves into some really tricky spots, and the gear we are carrying isn’t cheap! Liability insurance can help protect your investments from your gear to your rear. But what plans would be best for you? I’ve listed the most common options and what they cover. At the end of the day, YOU know your business best and it’ll be your decision.

General Liability

As the name states, this policy covers general things; slip and fall, customer property damage, and advertising injuries. This option is good for a small, simple business of less than 100 people, but it doesn’t cover any of your equipment. The average cost of this plan is $23 a month.

Business Owners Policy

Think of this as your liability and equipment policy. It includes everything listed in General Liability, plus your camera and lenses. It can also include coverage if your business has to temporarily close. This typically costs around $43 a month.

Professional Liability

Also known as errors and omissions insurance, this covers costs from a client suing your business. While this plan is a good choice, it should not be your only coverage. Consider bundling this with others for more rounded coverage.

Workers Compensation

Do you have, or plan to have, regularly paid employees? Most states require you to carry this insurance then. It protects you if there is an injury on the job and one of your employees misses work due to that injury. It covers attorney fees, settlements, and court costs. There is a fun formula to calculate your monthly cost; dependent on your income.

Commercial Auto

Not your average auto insurance, though it does cover similar things. This policy is strictly for businesses and it protects you if there is an auto accident, theft or vandalism, and potential court fees. Some states require auto insurance if you have employees driving to and from locations.

Inland Marine

Where all my elopement and traveling photographers at?! This is the policy for you! It protects your gear from any accidents or theft while traveling. Again, this is a great supplemental policy, but consider bundling this one for more complete coverage.

Let’s get covered….

Whether you are a world-traveling or a studio based photographer, there is a policy for you. Honestly, it’s one of the smartest things you can do for your business. Accidents happen, but if you are prepared, your business can survive anything. All of this information can be found on the link below.

**I am not a professional insurance agent. The above information is intended to be used for educational purposes only. Please do your own research, and speak with an insurance agent, on which policy will best suit you and your business.**